The Vienna Scientific Cluster VSC-2 is a HPC system which was installed by MEGWARE Computer, Chemnitz, Germany. It consists of 1.314 nodes, with 2 processors each (AMD Opteron 6132 HE, 2.2 GHz and 8 cores).

The hardware installation of the VSC-2 at the Arsenal TU building (object 214) was completed in May 2011.

Access to the VSC is granted on the basis of peer-reviewed projects which, beside scientific excellence, can demonstrate the need for extremely large computational resources. Projects can be requested via the project application assistant.

Please direct all questions related to the VSC to vsc@tuwien.ac.at.

Press releases, articles and videos (in German)

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Press Release 2011-06-20 (in German)

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Press Release 2011-02-02 (in German)

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