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Austrian HPC Meeting 2018 – AHPC18, February 19–21, 2018

The Opens external link in new windowAustrian HPC Meeting 2018 – AHPC18 will be held February 19–21, 2018, at Courtyard Marriott in Linz, Austria. This meeting is the fourth in a row and this year it is organized by groups from JKU, Linz, and RISC Software GmbH, Hagenberg, in close collaboration with the Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC). On the following day February 22, 2018, the Bioinformatics and InnoHPC Workshops will be held in parallel.

For more information please see the Opens external link in new windowAHPC18 homepage.

The organizing committee:
Ulrich Langer (Director of the Institute for Computational Mathematics (NuMa), JKU, Linz)
Wolfgang Schreiner (Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC), JKU, Linz)
Cornelia Staub (RISC Software GmbH, Hagenberg)
Karoly Bosa (RISC Software GmbH, Hagenberg)

Opens external link in new windowvsc.ac.at/research/conferences/ahpc18
(AHPC18 permanent website)

Opens external link in new windowvsc.ac.at/research/conferences/ahpc18/booklet
(AHPC18 booklet of abstracts)

Opens external link in new windowvsc.ac.at/research/conferences/ahpc18/program
(AHPC18 program)

Opens external link in new windowvsc.ac.at/research/conferences/ahpc18/slides
(slides & gallery & login for AHPC18 participants only)

(Announcement first posted on 31.08.2017)