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free online courses: Defensive Prog. and Debugging

(Apr 29 - Jun 2, 2019)

Managing Big Data with R and Hadoop

(May 6 - Jun 9, 2019) – JOIN FREE

PRACE has developed several Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that are hosted on the Future Learn Platform.

All MOOCs are free and periodically re-run – opening for new enrolments in different times of the year.

You can register before the course starts, but feel free to join a course at any point until it ends. However, it’s best to join at the start so you can get involved with discussions and have your questions answered by other learners and course educators. If you join late, the bulk of the conversations around the course topics might have already taken place and moved on.

Opens external link in new windowSupercomputing – FIND OUT MORE

Opens external link in new windowDefensive Programming and Debugging – Apr 29 - Jun 2, 2019 – JOIN FREE

Opens external link in new windowManaging Big Data with R and Hadoop – May 6 - Jun 9, 2019 – JOIN FREE


(Announcement first posted on 24.9.2018)