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VSC Training Course: Introduction to Hybrid Programming in HPC

November 4, 2016


Most HPC systems are clusters of shared memory nodes. Such SMP nodes can be small multi-core CPUs up to large many-core CPUs. Parallel programming may combine the distributed memory parallelization on the node interconnect (e.g., with the Message Passing Interface - MPI) with the shared memory parallelization inside of each node (e.g., with OpenMP or MPI-3.0 shared memory). This course analyses the strengths and weaknesses of several parallel programming models on clusters of SMP nodes. Tools for hybrid programming such as thread/process placement support and performance analysis are presented in a "how-to" section. This course provides scientific training in Computational Science, and in addition, the scientific exchange of the participants among themselves.

This course is organized in cooperation with the High-Performance Computing-Center Stuttgart (HLRS) and the Erlangen Regional Computing Center (RRZE). It is now held for the first time in Vienna.

Agenda & Content:

09:00   Registration
09:30      Welcome
09:35      Motivation
09:45      Introduction
10:15      Programming Models
10:15       - Pure MPI
10:50   Coffee break
11:10       - MPI + MPI-3.0 Shared Memory
12:55   Lunch
13:55       - MPI + OpenMP
15:00   Coffee break
15:20       - MPI + OpenMP continued
15:55       - MPI + Accelerators
16:10      Tools
16:20      Conclusions
16:45      Q & A
17:00   End


Basic MPI and OpenMP knowledge would be beneficial.


Georg Hager (RRZE / HPC, Uni. Erlangen) and Rolf Rabenseifner (HLRS, Uni. Stuttgart)



Date, Time, and Location:

04.11.2016, 09:00 - 17:00, Kontaktraum (TU Wien, EI, Gußhausstraße 27-29, 6th floor; see: Opens external link in new windowMap)


Late registrations (after the deadline) are still possible but maybe with reduced quality of the handouts.

Priority for acceptance: first - active users of the VSC systems, second - members of Austrian universities and public research institutes, third - other applicants.


The course is free of charge and coffee breaks will be provided (lunch is not included; see: Opens external link in new windowMensa-Info).

Handouts / Slides:

Each participant will get a printout of all slides.

The presentation was also available as livestream.

Local Organizer / Contact:

Claudia Blaas-Schenner, vsc-seminar@list.tuwien.ac.at


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(Announcement posted on 30.06.2016)