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Welcome to VSC – Vienna Scientific Cluster

The Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC) is a collaboration of several Austrian universities that provides supercomputer resources and corresponding services to their users.

The current flagship of the VSC family is VSC-4, the most powerful supercomputer ever installed in Austria, reaching a performance (Rmax) of 2.7 PFlop/s. Installed in summer 2019 it consists of 790 water cooled nodes (Lenovo SD650), each with two Intel Skylake Platinum 8174 processors with 24 cores, interconnected with 100 Gbit/s OmniPath.

Its predecessor system VSC-3, a throughput-oriented general-purpose Linux cluster with approximately 2,800 compute nodes and a few special-purpose nodes such as GPUs, is renowned for its innovative oil cooling and unparalleled energy efficiency. Installed in 2014 and with a significant extension in 2018, it is still useful for a wide variety of computations.

Information about getting access to VSC and a list of member universities can be found in the main menu at Access.

VSC Research Center

The VSC Research Center operates together with the Information Technology Solutions (TU.it) of TU Wien the VSC supercomputer clusters and supports users of the systems. The VSC Research Center is a joint operation of the VSC partner universities and is, from a point of view of organization, attached to the TU Wien.

The center is devoted to facilitate the use of high performance computing (HPC) clusters, especially with a view of efficiency. [read more about the activities of the VSC Research Center]

The VSC School Seminar is our Training and Education program (http://vsc.ac.at/training).

Austria is a member of PRACE

Austria has joined Opens external link in new windowPRACE the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe. This opens up new opportunities in the field of supercomputing for researchers and students in Austria.

PRACE – Call for Proposals (apply for HPC computing time)
Austria joined PRACE on 11 July 2018
Opens external link in new windowPRACE – The Scientific Case for Computing in Europe 2018-2026,               Opens external link in new windowTraining,   Opens external link in new windowHPC Access
Opens external link in new windowPRACE in Austria (ACOnet),       Opens external link in new window"PRACE in Austria" mailing list.

VSC Brochure 2019
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Forschungsprojekte am Vienna Scientific Cluster (german)

VIEW-ONLINE PDF: VSC Brochure 2019 – Forschungsprojekte (german)

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