Nonlinear interactions in microlasers

Stefan Rotter
TU Wien (Technische Universität Wien)

VSC project / type: 70072 / funded

VSC-4 / status: 2019-09-30 - 2020-09-29 / active
VSC-3 / status: 2015-04-02 - 2020-11-01 / active
VSC-2 / status: 2012-01-02 - 2018-01-05 / finished
VSC-1 / status: 2010-07-05 - 2015-07-07 / finished


  • Horodynski Michael, Kuehmayer Matthias, Brandstoetter Andre, Pichler Kevin, Fyodorov Yan V., Kuhl Ulrich, Rotter Stefan
    Optimal wave fields for micromanipulation in complex scattering environments
    NATURE PHOTONICS 14, 149 (2020)

  • Brandstoetter Andre, Girschik Adrian, Ambichl Philipp, Rotter Stefan
    Shaping the branched flow of light through disordered media

  • Pichler Kevin, Kuhmayer Matthias, Bohm Julian, Brandstoetter Andre, Ambichl Philipp, Kuhl Ulrich, Rotter Stefan
    Random anti-lasing through coherent perfect absorption in a disordered medium
    NATURE 567, 351 (2019)

  • Brandstotter Andre, Makris Konstantinos G., Rotter Stefan
    Scattering-free pulse propagation through invisible non-Hermitian media
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 99, 115402 (2019)

  • Dhar Himadri Shekhar, Zens Matthias, Krimer Dmitry O., Rotter Stefan
    Variational Renormalization Group for Dissipative Spin-Cavity Systems: Periodic Pulses of Nonclassical Photons from Mesoscopic Spin Ensembles
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 121, 133601 (2018)

  • Ambichl Philipp, Brandstoetter Andre, Bohm Julian, Kuehmayer Matthias, Kuhl Ulrich, Rotter Stefan
    Focusing inside Disordered Media with the Generalized Wigner-Smith Operator
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 119, 033903 (2017)

  • Doppler Jorg, Mailybaev Alexei A., Bohm Julian, Kuhl Ulrich, Girschik Adrian, Libisch Florian, Milburn Thomas J., Rabl Peter, Moiseyev Nimrod, Rotter Stefan
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  • Girschik Adrian, Libisch Florian, Rotter Stefan
    Percolating states in the topological Anderson insulator
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  • Esterhazy S., Liu D., Liertzer M., Cerjan A., Ge L., Makris K. G., Stone A. D., Melenk J. M., Johnson S. G., Rotter S.
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    Reversing the pump dependence of a laser at an exceptional point
    NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 5, 4034 (2014)

  • Rotter Stefan
    RANDOM LASERS Playing pinball with light
    NATURE PHYSICS 10, 412 (2014)

  • Jenke T., Cronenberg G., Burgdoerfer J., Chizhova L. A., Geltenbort P., Ivanov A. N., Lauer T., Lins T., Rotter S., Saul H., Schmidt U., Abele H.
    Gravity Resonance Spectroscopy Constrains Dark Energy and Dark Matter Scenarios
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    Route from spontaneous decay to complex multimode dynamics in cavity QED
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  • Ambichl Philipp, Makris Konstantinos G., Ge Li, Chong Yidong, Stone A. Douglas, Rotter Stefan
    Breaking of PT Symmetry in Bounded and Unbounded Scattering Systems
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  • Hisch Thomas, Liertzer Matthias, Pogany Dionyz, Mintert Florian, Rotter Stefan
    Pump-Controlled Directional Light Emission from Random Lasers
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  • Girschik Adrian, Libisch Florian, Rotter Stefan
    Topological insulator in the presence of spatially correlated disorder
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  • Libisch F., Rotter S., Burgdoerfer J.
    Coherent transport through graphene nanoribbons in the presence of edge disorder
    NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 14, 123006 (2012)

  • Dietz O., Stoeckmann H. -J., Kuhl U., Izrailev F. M., Makarov N. M., Doppler J., Libisch F., Rotter S.
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  • Libisch F., Rotter S., Burgdoerfer J.
    Disorder scattering in graphene nanoribbons

  • Rotter Stefan, Ambichl Philipp, Libisch Florian
    Generating Particlelike Scattering States in Wave Transport
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 106, 120602 (2011)

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